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Das HerzOldest known acestors of Jovanka Miyajilovic /Tesanovic
Miyayilovic - Bosnyakovic - Payic, The Acestors
All information has been registered here in 2012 - 13, realized and illustrated by narrative of Ilinka /Ilona Bosnyakovic -Haydbach
and your sister Cviyeta Bosnyakovic / Tesic, Perka Bosnyakovic / Savic and Iliya Mihailovic


Great-grandpa Novak

Oldest known acestors of Bosnyakovic family on the Kolimer, who settled in the middle of the 19th century, means originally Novak Stevic, derived from Monte Negro. His name, as vast resettle Montenegrins have done it at that time, was out of the fear that was common in their ancient homeland of blood revenge, changed into Bosnjakovic. Novak and his wife Anica Maksimovic got three sons and three daughters. These were: Srecko /Jerko, Vasiliya, Jovo, Dyuka, Joka und Vasiiliya.
Novak's son *Srecko /Jerko and his wife Ilinka Tesic descendant are: Dyordyiya, +Stevo und *Cviyetin. From Dyordyiye and Bozana Petrovic (widow Ivkovic) descendant are: Jelena (Bozanas daughter from the first marriage) and the son Srecko / Sreto. In Dyordyiyas second marriage with Tomka Jovic, were born son Peter and daughter Danijela. *Cvijetin and Boyana / Boyka Lukic from place Lipovice, offspring are: daughter Cvyeta , son Drago, *daughter Ilinka (Ilona) and son Miladin.
Novak's son Vasiliya and her wife Jeka Tesic descendant are: Mika, Dyordyiye and Novak. Vasiliyas son Mika and Desanka ...... descendant are: *Cviyetin (Cviyan), Cviyetin and Bosa (Bosilyka) Radovanovic descendant are: Jela, Dyuka, Aco, Desanka and Stanko. Vasiliyas son Dyordyiye and Julka Buzic descendant are: Zora, Dyordyan, + Stevo, Dragica, Milan, Ilinka and Iliya. Vasiliyas son Novak and ..........have a doughter Vera and son Dragan.
Novak's son Jovo and Gospa Tesic descendant are: Vlayko and Dyuka. Jovos son Vlayko and Danica Payic descendant are: Perka, Stevo, Nedyo, Sreco and Jovo. Vlayko´s daughter Perka and Rado Maksimovic descendant is son Voyko. Voyko and his wife ........ descendant are daughter Dara and Rada. Stevo und Miloyka ..... descendant are daughter Andya and Danica, Nedyo and Stana Tesic descendant is son Goran. Nedyos second marriage with Rayka Dyuvic descendant is son Zelyko. Sreco and his wife Anica ....... descendant are daughters Vaya and Dobrinka and a son Vlado. The youngest son of Vlayko is Jovo. Jovo and his wife Milka ........ descendant are son Vitomir and daughter Ivana. Jovo´s daughter Dyuka and Risto Savic descendant are: son Cviyan and daughter Cviya.
Novak's daughter Dyuka and Lazo Lazic descendant are: Cviyetin and Luka. More details are unknown.
Novak's daughter Joka (After the narrative of Ivona Haydbach) was with Jovo Miyayilovic married but she has high probably not live long.
Novak's Tochter Vasiiliya and her husband Mitar ........... descendant is daughter Radoyka, descendant of Radoyka and Voyo Trakilovic are: Drago, Miso, Sreten and Zoran *Ilona´s Grandpa, *Ilonas father, Ilona, *Grandpa of remaining Bosnjakovic in Kolimer. Everything in red is in need of correction.


The Acestor of Miyajilovic's
Oldest known ancestors are Pero Miyayilovic and his brother *Jovo

The descendants of Pero are: Jovika, Iliya (Ilyo) and Drago

In the first marriage of Jovo and Petra Payic three daughters arose: Duya, Cviya and Jovanka
In the second marriage of Jovo and Vida Koyic were born son Milan and daughter Miloyka.

The descendant of Jovika are: Ziko and Milorad, the descendant of Iliya are: son Risto and daughter Dragica.
More details are unknown.

More information about the Peros son Drago are unknown


First marriage of *Jovo Miyayilovic and
Petra Payic
The descedant are: Duya, Cviya and JovankaJovanka

Duya has not lived long, but has a son named Nedyo leave lived with Grandma and Grandpa.

Nedyo Miyayilovic lives with his family somewhere in Voyvodina / Serbia.

and Pero Tosic lived in Lipovice and have a daughter named Stana

  Cvija Mijajilović -Tošić   Pero Tošić  
Cviya and Pero were married on -- -- -----
Cviya was born on -- -- ---- in ---------------
Pero Tosic was born on -- -- ---- in Lipovice

Stana and Slavko Tosic have two sons: Velyko and .........
The supposedly live in Sulyetovici, Tuzla

Jovos daughter srcelogoJovanka and Bosko Tesanovic

  Bosko   Jovanka  
Jovanka and Bosko were married on 10.02.1935
Jovanka was born in Tosici on 31.01.1919
Bosko Tesanovic was born in Kolimer on 29.02.1913

Their children:
Blasko, Theo, Sreco, Simon and Spasoye
For more information about Bosko and Jovanka visit Spasoye Tesanovic


Second marriage of *
Jovo Miyayilovic and Vida Koyic
The descendant are: Milorad -Milan and Miloyka

and his wife Mitra Payic

  Milorad Miyayilovic   Mitra Payic  
Milorad and Mitra were married on 24.01.1961
Milan was born in Payici on 20.09.1932
Mitra Payic was born in Payici on 08.11.1936

Their children: Aco, Borka and Iliya

Aco and Jelena Cviyetkov

Aco Miyayilovic
Jelena Cviyetkov
Aco and Jelena were married on -- -- ----
Aco was born on -- -- ---- in Kolimer
Jelena Cviyetkov was born on -- -- ---- in ---------------

The children of Aco and his wife Jelena Cvyetkov are: Aleksandra, Aleksander, Svyetlana and Mira

  Aleksandar   Mira   Svijetlana  
Aleksandra and ------- were married on -- -- ----
Aleksandar and Mira were married on -- -- ---
Svijetlana and --------- were married on-- -- ----
Mira and --------- were married on-- -- ----
Aleksandra was born on -- -- ---- in ----------
Aleksandar was born on -- -- ---- in ----------
Svijetlana was born on-- -- ---- in ---------
Mira was born on-- -- ---- in -----------
---------- was born on-- -- ---- in ----------
Mira ----------- was born on-- -- ---- in ----------
---------- was born on-- -- ---- in ----------
--------- was born on -- -- ---- in --------

Iliya and her wife Dobrinka

  Ilija   Dobrinka  
Iliya and Dobrinka were married on 16.11.1991
Iliya was born in Kolimer on 02.08.1962
Dobrinka Sekulic was was born in Potras on 08.11.1952

Their children: Vedran and Vedrana

    Vedran       Vedrana    
Vedran was born in Tuzla on 21.12.1991
Vedrana was born in Biyelyina on 27.08.1996


  Pero Tošić i Cvija       Aco  
Milorad Aco Mitra i Ilija
Pero Tosic and Cviya
Dobrinka, Aco, Vedran, Momcilo and Jelena
Aco Miyayilovic -Mihailovic

Ilija Dobrinka Stana i Brat Tomo
  Milorad -Milan  
Iliya, Dobrinka, Stana and Tomo

  Vedran   Milan   Vedrana  
Milan (Milorad)
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